Halo Top Creamery

Ad Lab Project

Halo Top Creamery


Halo Top is low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar, all-natural ingredients and taste good ice cream.
The target audience is trendy women in college, fresh out of college, or newly married.
Our mission was to bring more customers into the store.

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Halo Top has a strong social media presence through using dynamic themes and youthful colors. Yet majority of the brand's target audience doesn't know it exists. 

And we had the questions:
What can Kargo offer that social media can't?.
How can we differentiate Halo Top from their competitors through mobile advertising?




My solution was using interactive format that social media cannot offer so that the viewers can explore by themselves. Also the key art images and pop colors from their website are used.

The ad will be placed in articles of certain websites, which have high engagement of young women's, including Elle, She knows, and Cosmopolitan. As the viewers scroll up & down, the ad will show different flavor with calories of it. When the viewer taps on it, it will expands to detail pages.


The detail pages show the flavor, calories, protein, and etc. The viewer could choose the flavor she wants then check the nearest store.

Just like other ice cream brands, Halo Top is selling their products through retail stores. And of course, all of the flavors will not be available in every stores. So this step will be very helpful to find the right store!


Once the user select the flavor, this store finder will help finding which stores have the product.